Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pretty Good Day

Today at school, we had two assemblies. The teachers organized this thing where there was a bunch of people doing stuff to teach us the importance of writing blah blah blah whatever whatever who cares. Anyway, my FAVORITE teacher got to perform because, in addition to being the Odyssey (Gifted class) guy, he is a great musician. He writes the songs, plays them on his guitar, and sings them. Allow me to rant about Mr. Walz for a bit.

Mr. Walz, like previously mentioned, is a SPECTACULAR musician. He is also a goofball. Probably most people would think that he is not as smart as he actually is. Every day, he walks into the classroom and says, and I quote,

    "Hey everybody."

And if he doesn't, we remind him that he forgot. He makes us think a lot and openly criticizes seventh graders of ignorance. Mr. Walz (aka Kyle) is awesome.

Anyway, today he performed three good songs today. So did his friend Cody Goggin. Many girls immediately fell in love. I personally think Mr. Walz is slightly better, or maybe I just like the kind of music he does. Also, some comedian guy came. And a high-schooler who performed at Six Flags.

Also, it's been snowing all day. There isn't much, but still. Today I wrote a story about a wizard who gets poisoned, imprisoned, starved, and dies. I read it to my homeroom and received much cheering.

Check out Mr. Walz's Website!... If you want

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