Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Top Ten Doctor Who Monsters

Ok, so I was doing that thing where you're in love with a show and you look up everything you can about it the other day. I looked up some people's top ten Doctor Who monsters, and most of the lists sucked. So I'm making my own! (Keep in mind these are only monsters from the ninth and tenth doctors.)

10. Daleks
I like the daleks mainly because they're kinda cool, even though they do look like crappy vacuum cleaners with plungers and whisks that kill you. They can fly, suck the knowledge out of your brain, go through a million combinations in a second, and kill you just like that. And those killer voices! Yeah, they are a bit ridiculous, but seriously, if you heard that voice and there were daleks patrolling your street, wouldn't you immediately hide in the basement and cower for hours? (Unless you're someone AWESOME like Harriet Jones or Rose Tyler or the Doctor.) The problem with them is that they're so repetitive! They were awesome the first six times I watched them, but now they're just so bland.

9. The Master
This is arguably cheating, but he is really awesome. You hear the Face of Boe's voice saying 'You are not alone' and you try to decipher the meaning, and then there is this WICKED AWESOME reveal with Prof. Yana and you get all excited and then he has a big appetite or something. The master is really cool!

8. Weeping Angels
A lot of Whovians would be really mad that the Angels weren't number one, but they weren't too scary. They were really original and cool though. It's like scary for people who don't like to be scared. They're good!!!!

These are really cool aliens. They are just really cool. I like them a lot! Not sure how to explain.

6. Vashta Nerada
These aliens were actually quite scary and well thought out. It awesome that they manipulated dead people's skeletons to attack. I liked that they used the Vashta Nerada to explain everyone's "irrational" fear of the dark and that they are supposedly the dust flying in sunbeams.

5. The Scribble Monster
I know what your thinking: "Why on Earth would she choose something so obscure and dumb?" I was wondering the same thing. It was kind of funny though. If you don't like it, then it's the Beast. He was pretty terrifying.

4. Empty Child
Haven't seen this one for awhile, but it scared the poop out of me when I watched it as a kid. I thought it was very clever how they thought up the nanogenes and everything. Very intriguing.

3. Raxacoricofallapatorians
These monsters are really awesome! It peeves me how most people say 'Slitheen' instead of calling them by their proper name. 'Raxacoricofallapatorian' is a species; 'Slitheen' is a surname. The whole gas exchange thing is clever.

2. The Clown Monster Thingies Whose Name I Forget
Yeah. These guys.
They are really creepy. Like really creepy. What's creepier than high-tech clowns with a lot of knives?

1. The Flood
These guys are by far the scariest thing I've ever seen on Doctor Who. So far. The concept of just one drop of infected water can transform you into THAT is SUPER disturbing. The actual transformation is scary, with that horrible shaking and then all of a sudden your buddy is a deformed sopping wet murderous monster. And the appearance of those guys is just TERRIFYING!! With that broken-up mouth, and the staring blank eyes, and the water dripping everywhere! The atmosphere also just made you KNOW that the Floody person will kill you, no matter what! Even if you hide, water can wait, as the Doctor says, and you will die eventually. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

1. The Face of Boe
I like him because he's just freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I was sad when Capt. Jack was the Face, though, because Jack's a fat arrogant pig. And YES, I already did a number one, but it was really close and it's MY list, so I can cheat if I want.

Honorable Mentions: [Will put something here later]

I didn't put much thought into this rating, but it's close enough. I just picked the best monsters that came to mind and ordered them. Enj oy!

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