Thursday, January 21, 2016


I'm hanging on the edge of THREE CLIFFHANGERS right now!!!

So here's how it started.
I was reading the Unwanteds series (I'm on book 3 now), but while I was meandering around the library one day I came across a really great book, The Young Elites. Two books now. Little did I know that The Young Elites was ALSO in a series, leaving me doomed to read two books at once for an undisclosed amount of time! What's more, the third Unwanteds book has a TERRIBLE, AWFUL, PAINFULLY IRKSOME cliffhanger. I mean, I'm okay with a feeling of suspense at the end of a book, but at least most draw to a conclusive semi-ending! But NOOOOO, Lisa McMann just had to choose the most screaming gasping intense moment in the WHOLE BOOK to end on! And then! AND THEN! THE FREAKING LIBRARY DIDN'T HAVE THE NEXT BOOK IN YET!! AND I DON'T OWN IT!! AND THERE WASN'T EVEN A PREVIEW AT THE END OF THE STUPID BOOK!!!

The Young Elites was less like that, but I still need to read the next one. (The school's library doesn't have it, but the local one does, thank gosh.)

But the snowball of cliffhanging continues, my friends. You see, having nothing to read at the moment, I needed something to hold me out until I could get my hands on the next bits of the series.' I decided to read Uglies, a book I received for Christmas. It was a pretty interesting destopia. But, what do you know? Another cliffhanger. And I can't get the next book.


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