Friday, February 27, 2015

I Wrote Another Short Story Today

F e a r

I lie awake, staring into a mass of seemingly infinite darkness. Shadows leap across my room. Strange noises are all around me. I try to sleep, but drowsiness never comes. I try to relax, but my body remains tense. I am scared.

I don't remember falling asleep, but dreams enter my mind. I dream of fierce beasts without name. My loved ones diminish before my eyes. I am tortured horribly and thrown away to rot in a pit of despair. A light flicks on and I am shown to millions of people, shouting and jeering as I stand, shaking at the top of a cliff. A masked man stands behind me and pushes me off.

When I wake, my skin is covered in sweat. I'm still shaking. Moonlight from a window casts a pale glow across me. I stand up and get dressed. I think that maybe if I take a walk my mind will clear.

As I walk, I only grow more nervous. A black cat glares at me, then runs across the sidewalk. My heart is beating hard in my chest. Suddenly, I hear a crack below my feet. When I look down I see my fractured reflection in the mirror I just broke. I walk quicker now. "I must get home." This is my only thought. I decide to take a shortcut through the woods, but soon I realize my mistake. Every sound seems like Death creeping toward me.

Once home, I pace endlessly and try to calm myself, but with passing hour I only become more terrified. Monsters are lurking all around me. The greatest monster of all is Fear, who has trapped me for eternity in this night of horror.

I promise I wrote this completely by myself. I did not steal it from anyone. You can look as hard as you want, but you will never find my story under the name of anyone else. I just have loads of talent. Plus I read a lot.

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