Friday, February 20, 2015

Philosophical Stuff

If you are simple-minded, you should either stop reading, or be prepared to read about some of the brain-explosions I have had.

Lately, I've been wondering quite a lot about the universe.
Where did it come from? I believe, like many people, that God created it, but where did He come from? I asked Dad once, but he was totally amazed at such a deep question and replied,

    "Bread dough. He's just made of bread dough."

Though his answer is comical, it still doesn't answer my question. Now, religion has always been a touchy subject for me, so I will move on to the next subject.
What if the universe is a loop? Like an infinity sign, or a sideways 8. A never ending story about us. Or what if we don't even exist?What if we are just figments of our own imagination? That idea is one that even I can't grasp too well.
Another thought: Is magic real? What other dimensions lie beyond our own? What do the colors we can't see look like? There is SO much in this incredibly vast and confusing universe that I don't know about, and it makes me feel like a teeny insignificant speck. Oh, well. If I never find out, at least I can hang on to this one simple fact: Life is good.
I think I want to be a philosopher.

Food for thought.

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